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Phone Booth Photo

Passauer Wolf on Innstrasse.

ABC Sign

A cardboard ABC/ sign language book for young folks


People say stamp collections are not cool.
I found this in a box of old books outside my apartment.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

A cardboard number book for young folks

Kunstnacht 2017

Soren Vandegaard celebrates 'Kunstnacht 2017" in Passau, DE with an open gallery party.

Passau, DE

Wikipedia link for Passau, DE.


A cardboard ABC book for young folks.

Ames Room

Viewing chess pawns inside mockup of Ames room.

Ready Set Gogh!

Visited Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. Website has entire collection online.

Drei Grossmutter

Commission for a Berliner
"Three Grannies".


Carboard Chess Set . Hand cut painted cardboard pieces w 10cent Euro coin bases.

Des Portraits

Commission for some friends from India in Berlin..

Joyeux Anniversaire

Commission for friends from Alexandria, LA.